The Big Move and Expansion to Charleston, SC

A question I often hear whether it's from wedding pro friends I have worked with for years or brand new people I am getting to know: 

After 11 years building SBM Event Co in NY why the expansion into Charleston, South Carolina? 

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You have heard us talk about teamwork over and over. I like to spend ALOT of time getting to know my vendor friends, it builds strong relationships that in turn create a smooth and seamless day for our couples.  It also helps us to pair out couples with vendors who are a perfect fit for […]

In a world where we are all connected, a wedding website is another tool in your arsenal to provide a great experience for your guests. Not only are they fun for couples to make, but they can also provide really valuable information for the friends and family you have invited, especially if they are from […]

One of our main goals as a wedding planner is to assist our couples in communicating with their vendors all the important info that needs to be relayed to them. But guess what?  Those vendors also have some important information they would love you to know about in the early stages of your wedding planning […]

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For years after a wedding day was done, I’d divide up the leftover bags of Jordan Almonds, designer chocolates in custom boxes, wine stoppers, mini photo frames, or whatever gift my clients had for their guests, begging my assistants and the waitstaff at the weddings to take these items home. We were used to seeing […]