You’re here because you know your time has value and, expertise is worth its weight in gold. You want to invest in a wedding planner who will pour their heart into protecting your peace and preserving your ability to remain present—just as much as they’ll pore over every last logistical and aesthetic detail of your day.

There was never any question as to whether you would hire a wedding planner—you’ve always been willing to hand important things off to a professional. You simply need to find the right person. Someone you can connect with. Someone who brings trusted capability and heartfelt care to every moment of your time together. Someone who knows: your wedding isn’t for show—it’s for you and your people, only and always.

is right here, at SBM Event Company.


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SBM Event Co. got its start in 2010 in New York and has since expanded its reach to Charleston, South Carolina (there was just something about Southern hospitality and sweet tea that spoke to our city-dwelling hearts). We’ve planned hundreds of experience-focused celebrations and luxury destination weddings for incredible couples like you since our founding—with a focus on leading with kindness, elevating the planning journey with high-touch service, and making purposeful decisions that serve each distinct couple—rather than planning from a place of habit.

But if we really had to get to the heart of what we’re all about, we would serve up this single sentiment: Do the right thing for the right reason, every time. Truthfulness, honesty, transparency—these are the defining aspects of our work with you. It’s a simple idea that makes a profound difference in how you feel about your planning partnership. It’s what we’re here for and happy to do.


I’ve been in the events industry for my entire career—but I found (and fell in love with) the world of weddings specifically over 12 years ago when I decided to leave my position as an event planner at a non-profit to spend more time with my daughter. My husband asked me what I really wanted to do, and “weddings!” was my immediate answer. I knew it was the perfect avenue for combining my desire to serve with my strong project-management, leadership and design skills. (Plus, weekly cake tastings and geeking out over color palettes—I mean, c’mon.) The rest, as they say…well, you know how that bit goes.

Today, I truly love making magic happen for my couples behind the scenes—and I especially enjoy building strong teams. Working well with various personalities and vendors—and knowing just what to do and say to encourage everyone to provide their best work on your behalf—really is my secret superpower.

More than anything, though, I’m in this industry because I believe in love…and not in the “you have to say that when you’re a wedding planner” way—but in a genuine one. The power of human connection is pretty profound—we all need it in one way or another, and it’s something I feel so honored to nurture, protect and celebrate in my role as your Charleston wedding planner.

Hello, I'm Melissa

Nothing beats the energy in your getting-ready suite—I could soak it in forever.

day of vibes

It heals the skin and the soul—find me resetting and recharging on the shore.

Salt Water

Babies and grandparents get me every time—oh and puppies, too.

Young and Old 

Recharging with massages, yoga practice and quiet walks in downtown Charleston.

Hitting Pause

favorite things

We attended a wedding that Melissa and her team created last weekend. Not only was the setting and design impeccable, I had the distinct pleasure of getting to talk to Melissa and she explained that she understood very early on that the couple cared more about experiences than THINGS, and (while the wedding was absolutely gorgeous--covered in flowers and a beautiful color palette) the events and experiences that they curated were really the star of the show.

-Becca, Guest of Honor

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