Newly Engaged? Why A Planner Should be the First Person You Should Hire

Have you ever made a really costly mistake? One that still kind of makes you cringe when you think about it? Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20.

In previous blog posts, I’ve talked about how we care about your budget, but that addresses the ins and outs that go into budgeting. Let’s dig in a little deeper.

Book us Before you Choose your Date

Why? Because before you choose your date, we can help you refine what you are looking for so we can help you find the right venues, the right vendors, and more.

Fixing Mistakes

Let’s go back to that costly mistake I mentioned. Say you go to a venue and fall in love and sign on the dotted line; then, you hire us to help you plan the rest of the details. The venue is now set in stone, and as we look through the fine details together, we find out that there are all sorts of rules or problem scenarios you didn’t notice before you signed the contract.

Here are just a few things we’ve run into: 

  • They have their own in-house DJ that they require you to use
  • You’re not allowed to do any floral installations
  • Vendors are not allowed in until 3 PM the day of the wedding
  • Noise ordinances mean your reception has to end at 10 PM
  • The venue does not include tables, linens, silverware, which means hefty rental fees
  • There is no on-site parking, so you have to pay for valet services
  • You book the venue on a weekend such as graduation, and there are no hotel rooms available in the city

At this point, as wedding planners, our first job is to start fixing mistakes, and that’s never a fun place to have to start your wedding planning because mistakes often equal either compromises you don’t want to make or money to fix them. It’s not just choosing the venue either. It’s any one of the 3000 decisions your about to make.

It’s all About Who you Know….

Part of what you are paying for with a wedding planner is our years of expertise, our deep knowledge of the industry, and our connections. 

With a single text, we can check in with a vendor we know would be perfect for your needs. We can make introductions, get you in to see them, and walk into the interview knowing that if this person is the right fit, you are making a great choice.

We take an extreme amount of time getting to know our vendor friends. Do they have kids, what music do the like, what’s their fav coffee order, who is their ideal couple, so they have dogs or cats. While it may seem like unimportant simple things to know, it all helps us in making the best possible recommendations to you.

The people who are rockstars in the wedding industry are the people we want to continue to work with and are the people we trust with our clients!

On Tai from Surroundings Floral Studio and photos by YTK Photography

We are #teamonyourside

From the moment you start dreaming about your day, we want to be the ones there with you to help. From brainstorming ideas and palettes to helping you form a budget that doesn’t put you into debt for years of your married life..we are there to help.

Are you getting engaged soon? Just engaged? Already started and feeling a bit lost? Let’s talk!