Wedding Chairs Have Personality?

When I tell wedding clients this, they tend to find it a little crazy, but when it comes to your wedding decor, chairs really do make a difference. In fact, I’d go so far as to say they have an entire personality!

When your guests walk into the room where your dinner and reception will be, the chairs are the one single item of the highest quantity, and they make the biggest statement. If you want to make a BOLD statement, then choosing a chair that matches your wedding aesthetic is a must.

Let’s think about the most popular of chairs, the chivari chairs. These are the chairs that have an almost wooden-bamboo look to the design, and they come in a host of colors, the most popular being white, black, silver, or gold. 

Chivari chairs also usually have a padded seat cover that can be changed, and the open-backed design allows for ribbons or fabric to be wound around the slats. Because of their stackable low profile, you can often fit more chivari chairs around a standard banquet table, making them a favorite for wedding venues.

Chivaris are versatile, but they are no longer the hottest in design, having been around for more than two decades. If you’re looking for more options, these chairs are gaining in popularity in 2021.

King Louis XVI chair

King Louis XVI chairs are named for the French monarch who, like his wife, Marie Antoinette, was known for his indulgent taste. This chair features and oval back and typically features upholstery in a natural linen or soft velvet. King Louis chairs are must-haves for weddings taking place at elegant estates, gardens, and historic mansions.

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Alexa Dining Chair

The Alexa reminds me of a chair you would see in Versailles; it feels like a French vibe!  This chair has a padded oval back and no arms, and a padded seat. The lines of this chair are elegant, simple, and super luxe.

Phoenix or Infinity Chair

Like the Alexa in design, the oval back of this chair has loops or an infinity design that can give a really upscale look. They can be used indoors or out, and these chairs come in resin, wood and can even come in clear acrylic.

Acrylic or “Ghost” Chairs

A definite look. A clear chair is minimalist, funky, and is made from acrylic, so they are uber-light. While most people opt for the clear lucite, these chairs also come in some colors. They make a great choice for a very modern, upscale wedding in spaces like museums and resorts.

Marias Chair

If you’re going industrial-chic for the look, then Marias is a great choice. They are made in silver, gold, and copper, and even rose gold. The metal profile makes them feel edgy and a little science-meets warehouse. 

Chameleon chair

These chairs can made into almost any look you would like (hence the name). The metal frames can be customized with colorful cushions, stylish sashes, or decorative slipcovers. They can also be kept bare like this for a more contemporary look. I like to this of this chair as the new chivari even though they have been around since 2005.

The most important thing about choosing chairs for your wedding is to be sure the feeling of the chair mimics the feeling of your decor and your wedding palette, and of course, that they are comfortable for your guests!

Let us help you pick the chair with the right personality for your day! During the design process of wedding planning, we can show you chair options to change your ceremony site or room’s entire look. You’re going to be amazed at the difference.