What you should include on a Wedding Mood Board

Wait, what?  Do I need a mood board? Yes! Your wedding mood board is a visual representation of the look and feel of your desired wedding design. Your mood board (or inspiration board)  is the first stage in the design process and is important for communicating that concept and bringing it to life cohesively among all your vendors.  Think rental company, linens, venue, cake baker, florist, stationary, and photographers all having the same clear vision of what your visual direction is!  Not to mention it will help keep YOU on track too.  Anytime you are uncertain of a decision look at the mood board again and ask yourself “Does this fit?”

So where do I start?

  1. Talk!  In the beginning of the design process with couples, we ask questions like “describe your wedding in 5 words” and “where do you shop for home goods/decor” “where do you like to vacation” “what is your favorite time of year and why” Eventually your aim should be to decide on a series of words, phrases, emotions and adjectives that all help to describe the mood and the look that you want to achieve. Now you need to keep these in mind as you are pinning images and looking at colors so that whatever decision you are making, you know that you are always capturing what most feels like YOU! Include these descriptive words on the mood board.
  1. Color.  What colors are you both drawn to?  What do you not like?  What colors are found in nature at the time of year you are planning?  Do they fit within any of your mutual favorite colors? Do you generally find yourself leaning towards more neutral colors in the home or are you both driven by more vibrant or saturated colors? Big tip:  Check your closets and your home design.  What do you see?  This is usually a good representation of your true selves.  Take a look around at Pinterest for some color palette inspirations.  We keep adding fun stuff our color Palette board.  Take a peek here and see if anything there lines up with the answer to the questions above.  Add those colors to your mood board. 
  1. Images. After you have scoured the internet, and Pinterest start sorting through the images you have saved that really embodies the feeling you are trying to convey.  This is not a detailed design plan so no need to cover every aspect of your wedding day here.  Less is more when it comes to the mood board.  You also do not need to necessarily include images that directly scream “wedding”.  If there are images that inspire those descriptive words you have selected then include them! There’s plenty of time later to get more specific.  You want your images here to covey a feeling.  

Remember how we always say a great event is more than what you see but how it makes you feel?  Same goes for creating that mood board since that is the foundation of your vision and vibe!

How do I build this thing?

Ahhhh here’s my little secret, if you don’t know already, Canva! It’s an amazing free software that helps anyone create the graphic design of their dreams.  It is super easy and lots of fun!  You can choose from any one of their templates OR swipe one of our favorite layouts  here .

Once you create it and post to social media, tag us so we can see.  If your keeping it a secret for now then drop us a dm or shoot us an email.  We would love to see what you are creating!