Melissa and Frank | The Armory

If there ever were the most relaxed bride and groom on the face of the planet it was these two!  They are both free-spirited, happy people 100% of the time and on their wedding day, it was amplified by 100%  Singing and dancing together in the suite before the ceremony started, goofing around like silly kids during their bridal portraits.

Oh, how my goal is to make every couple feel this carefree and void of stress on this day.  Seeing them made my heart so full.

Right in line with their carefree spirit is of course a non-traditional venue.  They choose a historic armory in Schenectady, NY.  My heart literally skipped a beat when they decided on this stunning and completely blank slate.  The goal was to feel like they were outside under the stars all while actually being inside surrounded by the history those walls hold.  Challenge accepted and mission accomplished, the day told their personal story from the first step into the building until the last guest left.