The Myth: Small Weddings are “Easier” to Plan

For a few years now, the size of weddings has been on the decline, and then, well…2020.  And as you can imagine, weddings have gotten even smaller as more clients have opted to scale back their weddings so that they can safely gather.

One of the more interesting things has been the phone calls and texts from clients who have tried to plan their small wedding who find our really quickly what we’ve known for a long time; smaller weddings aren’t any easier to plan.

YES, you have fewer guests, but guess what they want to do when people have fewer guests? They want to spoil them!  They want to increase their design budget, maybe their wedding meal, and then suddenly, this small wedding has a million moving parts, and “keeping it simple” just isn’t happening.

That can lead to MORE frustration and friends; after this year, that’s not what we all need.

So, let’s debunk some of the myths about smaller weddings!

Decision Overwhelm Still Happens! 

Unless you have experience putting together events, then it’s always more work than you think. Do you regularly host dinner parties for 40-50 people? Then you might be more experienced than the average bride, but even so, there are LOTS of decisions to be made.

Having a planner who can help you sort and see what is important (and what’s not so important) can help reduce you losing your freaking mind when life has already been stressful enough.

Fewer Guests Don’t Mean Fewer Logistics Involved

A wedding still has most of the same events as it had before, just fewer people. This is the part that many people underestimate and where I see the most frustration. You’re already dealing with the loss of the wedding you thought you would have, and it seems really unfair. But, you’re a grown-up, so you set your sails and adjust your expectations, and it’s still just So. Much. Work.

I get it. Here’s where we can lend a guiding hand so that your wedding’s new vision is exactly what you want without all the extra stress. 

COVID Has Made Weddings Especially Challenging

There’s the understatement of the year, huh? Along with all the mentally exhausting decisions you have to make as we still face unknowns, there are other challenges with weddings right now.

  • Venues have restrictions or limitations
  • Vendors can be hard to source, as many of their weddings have moved into 2021, making prime dates scarce
  • Decor items are slow to arrive from overseas, or can’t be sourced locally at all
  • Logistics of keeping guests safe (social distancing, masks or no masks, etc.)
  • Many untraditional venues are being chosen, which have unique challenges like no guest lodging

If you’re planning a smaller, more intimate wedding, we’d love to help you out. From virtual e-planning to get the bumps worked out to full-scale planning in Upstate New York, we are here for you!

Get in touch and let us show you how we can help.