When To Decide on Your Wedding Design and Decor

After you get engaged, it’s so much fun to start thinking and dreaming about what your wedding will look like. If you’re like most people, you start Googling, pinning, and pouring through glossy wedding mags to get inspired and start planning!

This can be one of the most fun parts of the engagement and planning process. However, for some people, it can quickly become overwhelming. You start grabbing at everything you like, and suddenly your vision board is a mish-mash of boho-themed rose gold sequins in a spring palette when you’re getting married in a historic mansion, outside in October.

Then you do what most of us do…you start asking for opinions. From your besties, your mom, the nice lady at the coffee shop, and then you know what happens. Everyone has an opinion, and suddenly your head is spinning, and this “fun planning thing” starts to take a turn.

You, my friend, need a design intervention!

Before you start buying that decor from all sorts of random places, because ohhhh that’s pretty has taken over your sensible side of the brain, and you start making the investment in items you will likely no longer be obsessed with in a month and now you can’t return, a design planning session can help you drill down on what you love, and what might just be a shiny and bright distraction like those rose gold sequins.

Design is a big part of our services because we think it’s the area that wedding couples need the most guidance on. It’s easy to know what you like and don’t like, but it’s another thing to understand how that affects everything from your budget to choosing wedding vendors, right down to the color of your cocktail napkins.

A clear and concise design plan for your wedding that you LOVE will save you hours of heartache and headache. After the design is decided on, the path just clears for you, and it all clicks. And hey, maybe we move that rose gold palette you love to your spring bridal shower or as the theme for your girls weekend away?  Cheers to the best of both worlds!

We offer everything from full design and planning sessions to partial design and management if you need a little guidance. We will expertly lead you through creative exercises to identify your vision for your wedding day, and we’ll present you with a custom design presentation including floral ideas, linens, place settings, and more. We can even do it all virtually if you are out of the Upstate New York area!

Whether you need an overall color and style help, or just someone to bounce your ideas off of, we have a team of pros waiting to help you. Let us help you design your dream day!