A Wedding Planners Perspective: You Can have Everything you Want and More with a Micro-wedding

I’ll be honest with you if you had told me a few years ago that I would be planning a full year of nothing but weddings for 25 guests or less, that were just as opulent and big as traditional Upstate New York weddings I was used to, I would have looked at you like you were crazy.

Perspective. It’s really something, isn’t it? (Thanks, Coronavirus? I can’t believe I am saying that).

In this new normal, these unprecedented times, this difficult situation (wow, I hate all those phrases so much now), I have to admit that the sweetest surprise has been the emergence of micro weddings.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done my fair share of planning more intimate weddings, but most of them were done out of choice, not by necessity. The word micro-wedding didn’t even exist!  And honestly, now that we’re into the thick of it, I think they are here to stay.

And you know what? I am here for the micro wedding. Here are just a few things I’ve noticed (and my clients have said!) about the benefits of having a micro wedding.

Reduced Stress Levels

After months of watching the numbers go up or down, the exhausting predictions of what phase we are in, and the constant barrage from well-meaning friends and family asking, “Is the wedding still happening?” the decision is made. The micro-wedding is planned, and you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I don’t think unless you’ve been through this experience how freaking stressful it is. And once you can turn your attention entirely to the wedding you ARE having; you get to turn it into the wedding you want. 

Higher Quality Details

You wanted the Chivari chairs, but they were too expensive for 200 guests? Well, NO MORE! You get those Chivari’s girl, and get those fancied up blingy ones, too!  When you pare down the guest list, you can allocate your budget in other areas you really care about.

I’ve seen clients who were foodies invest in the most amazing meals; others went full in on the floral they always wanted. Whatever it is you had to cut out for that big wedding budget, you might be amazed to find it come back in and take a seat at the wedding of your dreams. 

No Space Constraints

Not having to choose a venue that can accommodate all your guests is a breath of fresh air. Maybe you want to have your micro-wedding in a funky art gallery or a historic mansion’s backyard.

When your guest list is smaller, it opens up a whole new world. The only rules that apply are making sure the right permits apply and that the fire marshall is happy (and we can help with that).  And let me tell you, they are much less restrictive than a lot of popular venues.

A Most Personal Experience

I think this detail cannot be understated; the joy that can be found in the gathering of your nearest and dearest is something that is appreciated even more now. I have loved seeing the look on my client’s faces as they get married with their closest friends and family nearby when they have been worried so long that it couldn’t happen. 

I’ve watched and seen and how treasured the day has become. There’s no whirlwind going from one place to another, barely registering who was at the wedding, shoving a few morsels of food in their mouths before running off for sunset photos.

There is a slower pace, an appreciation of the day that is truly beautiful. And that’s why I think micro weddings are here to stay.

So let’s all raise a glass to the Big Pause…because I think it’s given us a whole new way to appreciate the difference between weddings and getting married.

Shout out to the most amazing vendor team. I don’t know what I would do without my vendor friends. Your only as good as your team.

Venue: Lakotas Farm
Catering: Suburban Kitchen
Planning = Styling + Design: SBM Event Co.
Layflat Styling: YTK Photography
Gown: Elisabetta Polignano From: Something Bleu Bridal
Shoes – Bella Belle Shoes
Earrings: Mignonne Gavigan
Rentals: Total Events
Photography: YTK Photography
Florals: Blooms Floral Design
Makeup + Hair: True Beauty Company
Cake: Cake by Alyssa
Stationary + Calligraphy: Cartoleria Studio