Is a Micro-Wedding Right For You?

You chose the wedding date with care. 

Maybe it was the anniversary of your first date or the day you first said, “I love you”. Or, maybe you chose a certain season you both love. 

You chose your wedding date, expecting to celebrate with all the people you loved the most in 2020. 
We are not going to sugarcoat this; it’s really unfair that you have to deal with love in the time of COVID-19. Being “in it together” helps some, sure. And in the face of so much chaos, you are healthy and still in love, so that is certainly something to be thankful for. 
But that does not negate the fact that you are feeling sad about not getting married on the day you hoped. We get it. That date means something to you! 

So, if the idea of spending that day any other way than committing yourself to the person you love seems unthinkable, we have an ideas for you to consider; a ”micro wedding” A micro wedding is a small ceremony on your date that allows you to honor your wedding day, commit to the person you love, and still have a “sequel” wedding when it’s safe to do so. 

While “micro” means small, this does not mean you need to scale back all the things you want for your wedding day! You can still wear the gown, hire a photographer, have the flowers, a cake, have a first dance, all just on a smaller scale. 

As wedding planners, this is where we shine. We can help you design a micro wedding that will take all of those elements you planned for your wedding and re-imagine them into something that can be even more creative and special than you can imagine. 

How about we have your florist make up a small bouquet with the flowers you planned for your spring wedding at your micro wedding but have them incorporate the same palette with fall colors for your sequel wedding? Think burgundy peonies in the spring, and burgundy dahlias in the fall! 

Or, how about a mini cake that mimics the cake you planned from your baker? Helping you with these small details is our jam. As professional wedding planners in Saratoga, we have so many ideas we can help you with to make this micro wedding special. 
 We are strong believers in the little details make up the big picture! 

We also love the idea of a sequel wedding. Since you are already married, you have a blank canvas to design this day! Want to have a brunch wedding and then an afternoon pool party? You can! We can help you pull in elements of the wedding reception you had originally planned, or we can come up with new ideas.  A micro-wedding is a way to have the best of both worlds in the most uncertain time in our history.

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“The Big Pause” has not paused marriages, it has simply paused big wedding receptions. If you want to marry on your original 2020 wedding date, we can help you with a micro wedding that can be just as meaningful with 10-25 or 50 people, as it becomes allows, as it would be with 1000 people. 

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” 

When Harry Met Sally

If you’re ready to start your life together as soon as possible with a micro wedding, we’d love to talk with you.