Top 5 Tips to Mastering Your Wedding Tablescape

When planning your wedding, a well set and styled table goes a long way in the overall feel of the room. Setting the table is setting the mood. Dining tables are where your guests spend most of their time, and with weddings those table settings are multiplied sometimes by 20 or more, making the aesthetic elements become much more important. 

When designing tables for our clients, we use a layered approach building from the bottom up and take into consideration these five main elements to create a cohesive, unique and impactful tablescape.

1. Linens and Napkins:

Linens are available in a variety of colors, fabrics, and textures to create the perfect anchor to your room. Start with your base color and choose materials according to the overall mood you are trying to create. Napkins are a great way to add a pop of your accent color without overwhelming the room. 

PRO TIP: Pay attention to the napkin fold. That can create a statement of its own, whether formal or casual, functional, or decorative. 

2. Place Setting:

Layer, layer, layer. Chargers as your base layer add elegance and sophistication. There are many options for china, whether you prefer traditional white or a more modern square option or perhaps a pattern. Top your setting off with a napkin fold of your choice. No need to stick to basic banquet fold. Lastly, your glassware can speak to your overall look and feel and can be a great place to add a dose of color.


Flowers make a strong statement on the overall style of a tablescape. blooms have a unique way of uniting all the design elements together. combining texture, shape, color, petal count and quantity all contribute to the overall impact. To enhance the overall look consider adding in other elements to add in such as candles, wood, metal, greenery, stone etc.

4. Chairs:

Chairs are very effective in creating a personality in a space. Chivari chairs give a traditional ballroom look, while acrylic chars with their smooth finish and clean lines render a more modern feel. Pay attention to the shape, whether it’s more rounded or squared off and how that plays with the rest of the décor. Chairs should complement the table, space, and design and bring overall harmony to the overall design. 

5. Details and Personal Touches: 

Last but definitely not least, you have some elements on the table to personalize the guest experience with options that are meaningful, thoughtful, and compliment the overall design. Menus, place cards, table numbers, and favors can range from sleek and modern to soft and romantic to quirky and fun. Playoff your personality, adding these customized details help your guests feel loved and included on your big day.