The Gift of a Planner

As a wedding planner, I meet people in all stages of overwhelm when it comes to their wedding. 

Some are giddy with excitement, some are happy but confused, and a bit worried, and some are just flat-out terrified of the entire idea of planning a wedding.

Can I let you in on a secret? I love them all

Give me any kind of wedding couple, and I know that I can help them plan the wedding they are dreaming about.

Just like no two people are alike, no two weddings are alike. And we’re thinking, feeling, human beings getting ready to commit our lives to another living human person.

That’s big stuff!

Photo: Andrew Franciosa

One of the best gifts I think you can give to yourself or someone you love is the gift of peace. 
What I mean by that is the kind of peace in knowing that having someone who is going to guide you through whatever you need help with. That can be anything from an interior designer to a personal trainer, and yes, even a wedding planner.

I’ve had Mothers of the Bride, Mothers of the Groom, and even Grooms gift wedding planning services! When I get in touch with the recipient, their response is always the same; pure gratification and joy at knowing that person knew them well enough to know help with their wedding planning would be an amazing gift.

Photo: Andrew Franciosa

Here’s why: when you take the unknown out of wedding planning, it makes it fun for everyone. You get all the advantages of planning an unforgettable day, without the stress of making decisions in a world that is a bit foreign to you.

I can help you take all those jumbled ideas for design and make it into a cohesive look you love.

I can help with taming budgets.

I can help with vendor relations.

I can keep you on task and help manage your planning stress.

The list goes on and on. Anything you’ve wondered, fretted, or were concerned about wedding planning, I can help with!

Is there someone you love who is getting married in Upstate New York or the surrounding area? Consider giving them a gift that they will thank you for over and over, wedding planning services!

Head on over to The Gift of a Planner and choose the right level of service for you all we will get a pretty gift box filled with all bride swag to give her along with the ultimate gift of peace.