How Our Experience is Tailored To Your Experience

I’ve talked before about how experience matters when it comes to being a wedding vendor. It’s why you see a range of services and a range of prices when you start exploring hiring people for your wedding. But the other piece of the puzzle is what kind of experience do you want to have with them both before the wedding and on the wedding day?

How Do You Best Communicate?

The way you can speak with your vendors can make a big difference in the relationship you build with them. If you’re a strictly-texting-only using-the-phone-if-I-am-about-to-die kind of person, you won’t jive with a vendor who wants you to communicate by calling them every time you need to talk to them.

While it’s perfectly fine for vendors to set limits (for example, I don’t answer emails/texts calls on Saturdays that I am working) you both should be able to talk about what works for you and understand how you will work together in a mutually beneficial and professional way when it comes to communicating.

We believe in a good mix. There are times clients just need a quick question answered via text and times that they need an ear to vent to when things are rough on the phone (and trust me, there will be rough spots). 

Do You Want to Be More Hands-On or Hands-Off During the Planning Process?

When you hire a wedding planner, you’re hiring them to help bring your wedding day vision to life. But that doesn’t mean you show up on the day and marvel at the magic we have woven without ever giving us an opinion on what you like and love.

From the start, you should seek vendors who are very transparent about what they do, what they do in tandem with you, and what they expect you to do (such as answer texts or emails in a timely fashion).

If you want to give more free-reign than make decisions a lot, then that’s great. If you’d rather be looped in more often, then tell us! This is the part of the experience that I think people can be overwhelmed by. It’s okay to tell us what you prefer because we want the planning to be as stress-free for you as possible. 

On The Wedding Day

By the time we get to the wedding day, we know instinctively what clients need more of a “fade into the background” kind of planner or more of a “Fairy Godmother at the ready” role. Because we’ve spent some time together planning this big day, it’s no surprise that we can read you pretty darn well.

Our primary concern on the day is to see that everything is rolling smoothly and that we can see with our experienced eyes that you are happy, comfortable, and hydrated (don’t be surprised if we slip in a glass of water between your champagne).

One other thing you should know; seeing your wedding day vision come to life is as exciting to us as it is to you. It does not matter how many weddings we do; when the guests come pouring into the wedding or reception and gasp at how beautiful things are, we are just as thrilled as you are.

Working together is the key! We’d love to help you with a beautiful wedding experience, start to finish. If you’re planning a wedding in Saratoga or anywhere in Upstate New York, let’s chat!