Professionally Prepared Wedding Timelines Can Save Your Wedding Day!

During the planning process, couples often make a grave error of their wedding by not realizing the importance of having a professionally prepared wedding day timeline.

Months ahead of time, it feels like an hour for the bridal party to get ready in plenty of time, however, on the actual wedding day, you might find five people fighting for the use of two electrical plugs meaning everything took two hours longer, and now you’re late for photos.

Worse yet, your day is running so far behind your photographer has to cut down on the requested formal portraits to get you to the service on time.

As upstate New York wedding planners, we have literally seen it all, and so we know how to plan for it.

We know how to build a timeline that allows for a PLAN B when the traffic backs up, or a PLAN C when an important vendor arrives late.

This is not our first rodeo, and we can estimate almost down the minute how long a receiving line will take with 50 people on your guest list.

In helping you plan your wedding and crafting your perfect timeline we can go over these details at length and help you decide if a 52-minute receiving line is what you want to do, or perhaps hosting a 30 minute cocktail hour is a livelier way to mingle with your guests before the reception starts.

Taking careful steps to create a wedding day timeline ensures that your vision comes to life, especially if your ceremony site and reception venue are two different locations. On your own, you might plan 20 minutes for travel time, while we know that your wedding photographer might want a 10-minute detour to capture some great wedding portraiture at a popular location on the way to the party.

A professionally created wedding timeline isn’t just about minutes and hours, it’s about maximizing the time you have to get the most out of your day.

It’s making sure that your first dance comes before all the other dances, and that your cake is cut while your guests are still present to enjoy the moment. It’s ensuring your flowers aren’t out of water for so long, they start to wilt.

As experienced wedding planners, we also know that giving guests a bit of a head start to the reception means the happy couple gets a robust and exciting entrance.

The truth is that the absence of structure is chaos. Nobody wants a wedding that feels chaotic.

A timeline that starts early, is rooted in experience, has built-in buffers with several alternative routes should anything come up, is one that will not only bring your days’ vision to life but will do so in a stress-free way.

It might seem easier to write your own timeline; however, the best thing you can do for your wedding is let a professional create a smooth day where you transition seamlessly through the events of the day enjoying each moment as it unfolds, on-time.

Let us help you with a timeline that lets you enjoy every moment! Get in touch and let’s talk about your wedding day plans. 

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