Yes, it Might Just Rain on your Wedding Day

In all my years of planning, I’ve never once had a couple express to me that they hoped it would rain on their wedding day. Alanis even sang about how unwelcome it is, but the fact remains that it does happen. 

So. What do we do about it?  We plan for it! And let me give you the straight-up truth: once it’s planned for, the stress of worrying about it will be significantly reduced. Now, isn’t that ironic?! 

“Winging it” is Not an Option

While there may be a little wiggle room watching the radar to see if the rain passes, there needs to be a clear cut timeline of when the decision to forgo the outside wedding needs to be made, so your vendors have time to readjust and enact Plan B. 

Plan B is your Friend

Helping navigate the options available to you for your wedding is a big reason why a planner can be invaluable for couples. Having planned many events, our team is here to help you understand what your options are.

Maybe the event gets moved indoors. Perhaps we have a tent rental on reserve. If the wedding is small enough, perhaps we can shift the schedule, letting the guests know that we’ve moved the timeline.

In any case, with each option, we work through the scenario so you understand precisely what will happen so you can make a choice that works for you and your guests. Skys look clear for your day huh? You should have a rain plan anyway.

Flexibility Is the Name of the Game

We had a wedding where we were closely watching the radar and it looked like we were in the clear; beautiful sunny skies and then whoosh! A downpour in the middle of the ceremony came rolling in. Because we had a Plan B, (and a Plan C in our pocket, just in case ) we quickly ushered everyone into the indoor cocktail hour space that was steps away and they finished their ceremony right at the top of the beautiful staircase in the art museum with all the guests watching. The brides loved it and they even felt that it was extra special: they got two ceremonies in one and a funny story to tell! 

Your wedding is about the commitment you make to each other, and the people who are there for you are there for YOU, not for the garden you had planned to get married in. Trust me they are happy to see you say I Do no matter where you are!

Also with safety to consider; lightning, fall risks, electrocution, and property damage is a real risk for both your guests and your vendors during rain. Many vendors have thousands of dollars of equipment that could be damaged, and many have riders in their contracts that specifically state they do not have to do their job if you decide to have your wedding in inclement weather. 

I also want you to know this; it’s okay to be disappointed if it rains! But, it’s not okay to let it ruin your day. Talk to your planner, your photographer, and anyone else about bad weather options that could affect your wedding’s outcome. We will have a Plan B ready if the need should arise.

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