My Venue Assigned Me a Coordinator. Do I Really Need a Wedding Planner?

You’re going to ask yourself many, many questions during your wedding planning process. One of the most common ones we hear is if I have a venue coordinator, do I need a planner?

A venue coordinator does exactly that: coordinates the venue. While you’re the one renting the venue, this means that they are helping to coordinate your day and your event. They have a vested interest in assuring your day runs smoothly in all aspects that relate to their venue; however, there are so many more facets of a flawless wedding than just those that involve the venue. A professional wedding planner does that, and so much more.

Professional wedding planners aren’t tied to one specific venue; their concerns aren’t connected to someone else’s business. Instead, they are focused solely on you, on your vision, and they work directly with you to create a perfectly memorable day.

On your big day, you should be caught up in love, not in details. Even with the finest planning expertise, there will always be last-minute details that require attention. A groomsman who left their matching socks at the hotel, or a lost relative roaming the city, are just a few of the hiccups that arise where your Albany wedding planner is one part problem solver and two parts wedding-hero.

Of course, the skill of any great wedding planner is the ability to anticipate any curves in the road on your way to the aisle. Understanding everything from weather and traffic patterns, to be able to call in last-minute favors with fellow vendors when needed, is something only individual wedding planner can do for you.

At your wedding, as in life, timing is everything. Your wedding planner’s sole purpose is understanding all the working parts of your day and how they need to come together, work together, and segue to the next moment in a seamless fashion.

Wedding planners see the bigger picture and plan your timeline with precision. They are concerned with how every vendor shines at your wedding, such as understanding the proper time for floral delivery, so they aren’t left wilting in the heat.

Professional wedding planners who work for you do exactly that: they work for you.

They aren’t bound by certain preferred vendors from a venue list, and, more importantly, they have the experience needed to help you balance your whole budget. They can provide creative solutions during the planning process to help keep your expenses in check while helping you not sacrifice your vision by evaluating every vendor and helping you invest wisely.

At the end of your night when you’re swept up in the excitement of the day, the last thing you want to do is worry about the wedding cake topper or tipping the band.

Having a dedicated wedding planner means you don’t have to step away from the party to handle little details. You can dance the night away while someone you trust is ensuring all your loose ends are tied up, and your night can end in wedding bliss.

If you don’t see having a full wedding planner in your wedding planning journey consider hiring one to help you through a timeline so all your vendors are organized and all on the same plan. Plus we can build in those time buffers where they need to be. Check out our timeline only package in our shop: