Why Hiring a Wedding Planner Saves You Time and Money; Yes, Even During a Pandemic

Bold statement: If you are getting married during a global pandemic, a wedding planner is your secret weapon to save time and money. Read on!

How Wedding Planners Save you Time

People often think that the larger the wedding, the more time it takes to plan. The truth is, it’s the events within a wedding day that takes time to plan.

Wedding planning can take anywhere from 200 hours for small and intimate weddings to up to 400+ hours of planning for weddings with many moving parts. 

Think about that…on the low end, more time than you spend in 25 workdays. On the high end, more than ten weeks of working hours. 

And of course, that’s assuming you know the best way to talk to venues, source items needed for the decor, and mire your way through wedding contracts and vendor negotiations.

Time is literally the only commodity we cannot buy. And during a time when a pandemic has made everything slow down, a planner is your best weapon to maximizing the time you have to plan a beautiful wedding…within budget!

How Wedding Planners Save you Money

It only makes sense that if you are an expert at what you do, you do it better, faster, stronger than someone who has never done it.  The same applies to when we help clients with their wedding budgets. We can help you prioritize and categorize where your money is going, so the right choices can be made early on in the process.

With the pandemic, we’ve all had to make sacrifices, and wedding couples have really had to dig deep and make some hard choices. This is where a wedding planner can really be helpful because we know the options and the pivots that can be made, and we can help you make them.  

We also understand the minds of engaged couples, and there are times we act as a voice of reason. If it comes to cutting out the videographer to get those high-end linens you love to stay on budget, we’re going to remind you that in 10 years that having the speech your dad made at your wedding preserved on video trumps the linens, and if you have followed us at all you will know how powerful of a statement that really is. 

If you need help focusing on what will save you time and money during wedding planning, we have lots of resources for you, from full-day planning to resourceful DIY guides! Get in touch, and we can show you what we would suggest for your wedding.