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VENDOR SPOTLIGHT | Lauren Trudeau for True Beauty Company

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Lauren Trudeau, a dear friend in the industry. We love her for so many reasons but let me start off by telling you a bit about her.

Lauren is an NYS licensed esthetician-makeup artist who has been creating beautiful faces for 17 years. She has spread her magic over every facet of the industry from spa to salon, commercial to editorial, every day to the most special days. Lauren and her beautiful family are locals here in Saratoga Springs, NY but have traveled all over for beauty. We have been honored to have her on our clients’ team. Take a look here at just one of our real weddings where we had the True Beauty team on hand.

So what is it we love about her and her artists? Well for one and I think the most important, is that like all vendors we recommend, Lauren truly cares about each and every client she speaks to like genuinely cares.

She cares about your overall experience, your love story, your wedding party, your hopes and dreams for your big day.

What’s even better so does all the artists she brings into the fold.

That brings me to the second reason we love working with True Beauty Company. True Beauty Company is a collaboration of elite professional hair and makeup artists that specialize in on-location wedding beauty services. She pulls together some of the most talented beauty professionals in the area and creates a beautiful seamless team. She gives these talented individuals a springboard for their talents by handling the business side of things so they can focus on what they do best. THAT’s the secret, that’s one of the reasons her team is SOOOO good they can just keep digging into their craft getting better and better all the time.

Also on a teeny bit of a selfish note……. the safety and security I feel when recommending her team for a wedding is just that, it’s a team. If you have spent any time around here you will know “team” is a huge huge word for me and it means everything! As planners, we hope for the best and plan for the worst. Let’s face it sh*t happens and sometimes it’s truly unavoidable. IF anything happens to your artist, days before or hours before, your event guess what? She has a what…. let’s say it together… “A TEAM” of talented artists to reach out to at a moment’s notice to ensure there is no blip in your day. So there you have it my most selfish reason for loving working with True Beauty Company – to mitigate risk. Yup there it is, I said it don’t judge, but a Thanks would be totally acceptable.

Now just for fun how about 5 questions with Lauren:

1. What has you fired up in the industry right now?

Lauren: This very tricky time has opened opportunities that allow us to be creative, evolve in business with the changing climate of our current situation, and be able to offer new and innovative options for our couples.

2. What is your favorite part of your work?

Lauren: I love being a part of the wedding morning. The calm before the day takes off. It’s such a special feeling to be among women supporting their bride on such a special day. I love to hear the stories, the laughs and the tears!

3. What is your dream vacation?

Lauren: Bora Bora! 

4. Your favorite breakfast?

Lauren: Crepes with fresh fruit

5. You don’t leave home without what? (Besides the obvious; keys, phone e.t.c)

Lauren: Lip balm and hand moisturizer

Now that you know a bit about Lauren and her company, if you are in need of beauty services whether it’s a wedding, special event, or just a refresh on your current look, shoot her a message at and check out her website Oh and tell her your dream vacation while your at it!