Expect all-things effortless.


With over 12 years of experience to our name, our planning process is deeply honed and informed by lessons learned along the way—while still being an enjoyable experience personalized to your needs.

…for an enjoyable engagement.


Relationships are paramount at SBM—after all, they’re what weddings are all about. We care deeply about you—and we work hard to make sure you feel that care in ways both big and small every step of the way.

…great parties, always


The most important thing we ask ourselves is always “why?” It’s a North-Star mindset that allows us to keep guest experience top-of-mind—and to ensure everything we do is aligned with your distinct vision.

…all good things follow


Because the path to your party should be paved in bliss.

…without the inundation, effort and overwhelm. It’s possible here—with a wedding-planning team that protects your time, puts your needs at the center of the process, and encourages ease every step of the way.


Our obsession with curating an incredible experience doesn’t only apply to your wedding day—it’s also how we plan. Our process is both deeply honed and highly curated, allowing you to revel in a level of concierge-style service you’re normally only met with at your favorite luxe resorts. 

03. Enjoy an impeccable experience

A phase-based planning process outlined on a streamlined client portal helps you stay focused on what you need to be doing and when—all with the understanding that your main job is to relax and enjoy your engagement (while we take care of the minutiae it takes to bring the big picture to life).

02. Take it bit by bit

We’ll start by helping you unearth what it is you want your event to feel like for everyone in attendance. The emotions you want your celebration to evoke will then inform every decision we present you with—from the finest wedding-design details to the major moments and head-turning touchpoints. Every bit of inspiration starts here.

01. Define your why



Before we               we Plan

for a compelling event experience


We create an extensive wedding-design plan that gives you a clear-and-cohesive 30,000-foot view of your event’s look and feel—while covering every last visual and artist detail of the day.

View From Above

We create custom sketches informed by your stylistic preferences, must-haves and desired guest experience. These are a pivotal piece of our wedding-design process and help to ensure we’re on the same page before moving on to mock-ups and execution.

At The Drafting Desk

Once you’re satisfied with your overarching design plan and custom sketches, we move onto the exciting part: mock-ups. From place settings to floral arrangements, you’ll get to see, touch, experience and sign off on key elements of your event.

Feeling It Out

On the day of, you’ll walk into an environment that brings everything you’ve envisioned together in arresting fashion (can you feel your shoulders softening already?). You’ll feel right at home amongst an atmosphere that exudes your energy, radiates your style and shares your story in ways both subtle and striking.

All Together View

If this is the day-of feeling you’re going for—we’re just the team to make it happen. Reach out today to inquire about your date.

Everything you’ve envisioned is brought to life, and you can’t stop staring and swooning. Your favorite people are having the time of their lives—and you and you and your partner are beaming. The atmosphere is light, the design is pure artistry, the energy is second to none, and the love is abundant. This isn’t just any wedding—it’s your wedding…at every turn, at every touchpoint, in every possible way.