how it works

the details

What sets SBM event co. apart? We take a more design based approach to the event planning process. We start by asking our client what they want the guest experience to be like – what “look and feel” do they want the party to have? Why, because the smallest of details matter. Those small details come together to create the big picture. This big picture has an intrinsic and emotional impact on people. We take into consideration every visual element of your wedding. From the exact font and paper weight on your stationary, to the texture and color of your linen, the curve of your chairs, choosing the sweetest ribbon for your guest favors, and every other detail in between, we put an extreme amount of thought into every single choice. 

From there we create a comprehensive design plan outlining all of the event details. Once the aesthetic is set, we then get to work on the all the logistics and hand pick the vendor team to create the design direction we’ve set. The end result is an extraordinary event that’s more than about what you see, it’s about how it makes you feel! 


Setting the table is setting the mood 

"the most dangerous phrase  
in our language is,

we've always done it this way

-rear admiral grace hopper