Have you ever walked into a room and felt transported to “somewhere else”? That’s what a great event can do. In one magical moment, all your senses tell you that you are here to celebrate an occasion that will never happen again.

Your heart speeds up a bit as you take in the colors, the decor, and all the people. You feel a part of the event! The awe and amazement that my clients and their guests feel as they see the event come to life is what fills me up, event after event. 

As the principal planner and lead designer at SBM event co, I fully believe that memorable events are not only about what you see but how they make you feel. 

Whether it’s a wedding between two people in love or a festive corporate gala for 500, I want you and your guests to feel that transcendent moment of togetherness all day long. 

On a more personal note, when you work with me, you can expect that I will be your logistical ninja, your CEO of calming down of bridesmaids who have too many ideas, and your sounding board for anything you are worried about going wrong on the day. 

I’m not ashamed to admit that I cry every single time I send a merrier down an aisle.

I’m here on earth doing exactly what I was born to do, and there’s not a day I’m not darn grateful for it. I can't think of anything better than helping people create memories that will last a lifetime.

owner-designer-principal planner

Meet Melissa Brown

meet the team


For nearly 15 years, Maureen has planned large corporate galas for theatre companies and organizations for which she sits on the board, along with exciting public events, private parties, and weddings. Combine that experience with her nerdy love of spreadsheets and logistics, along with crafting and DIY projects, she is an invaluable asset to this team.


Nikki is a natural caretaker who carries an essence of loving kindness and professionalism. Experienced in the world of event management, she brings a calming presence along with her, as her primary role is Yoga instructor. Nikki is masterful at helping people to fully enjoy the moment, resting assured that details are being tended to with a mindful eye. 


A graduate of the Hotel School at Cornell University, Katie is passionate about creating memorable moments for the couple and their guests. She relishes in the little details that make an event come together whether it be the placement of a menu just so or the perfect fluff of a bow. Katie is our resident calligrapher, proofreader, and all around organizational genius. 


Lauren is ambitious, creative and a natural born planner. Lauren joined us from the start and since then, she has proven to be a creative and savvy team member we can call upon for any task. As a “Jane” of all traits you might say there’s nothing she can’t tackle to ensure each event is spectacular from the first impression down to the smallest detail.


Cat is a detail oriented team member with strong leadership skills. She is known for handling high pressure situations with grace and ease. She has been with us from the beginning acquiring exceptional organizational and management skills, and a warm, can-do attitude to every event she works on. 


With more than 25 years in the industry, Christine is both a professional event planner and travel agent. She waves her magical wand over the hotels to get you the best possible room blocks. She also assists with honeymoon travel plans and itineraries so your truly stress free in all your planning.


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- Gina and Joseph

"Working With Melissa Made All The Difference In The World. As A Professional She Was Able To Deliver A Truly Stress Free Experience, And Also Provide Creative And Thoughtful Ideas. She Made The Experience Wonderful."